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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Sorry, had to point this out. At this very moment, there have been 69 visitors to my blog. Too bad most of them are me.

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That's right, I'm now on twitter. Why? Well, because I have no followers, and this seems like an easy rout to shameless self promotion. I desperately need a fan-base. I don't want to admit that I want attention, but I do! I so do! It shames me deeply, and I hope that you'll forgive me (by "you," I mean my one semi-dedicated reader).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On the subject of Vaporizers...

This just needs to be said, the price of vaporizers is outrageous. For the amount of money these things cost, you'd think that they would be marvels of technology, some are even more expensive than a new iPod. The truth is though, the vaporizer is comprised of very simple, very cheap technology. These things can't cost much to make, and for the amount of money they cost, you'd expect them to be a bit more impressive.

I do not intend to say that vaporizers are not worth getting, they are. The trouble is, they are so expensive that for many people, they are priced out of competition by less expensive glass pipes. Also, in my experience, head shops don't tend to carry a good selection of vaporizers. My guess is because they are expensive, and more difficult to sell due to their high price tag.

Many of my friends speak of their experiences of smoking from a vaporizer like it was a one time thing (like a threesome). The reason is that vaporizers are expensive, and thus less common in the ever-growing ganja community. Due to their rarity less smokers have a chance to experience the benefits and advantages of a vaporizer, and are thus less willing to pay the premium for simple looking but very expensive pot smoking contraption. Imagine, paying two hundred dollars for a device that does what a cheap ten to twenty five dollar pipe can do, and not much more.

Health benefits and weed conservation aside, vaporizer prices just aren't justifiable. For the amount they cost, I expect some kind of medical grade looking device instills confidence in its capabilities. Unfortunately, vaporizers either look like toys, lamps, or bubble-gum dispensers. Its shameless gouging, and the vaporizer manufactures need to drop the prices within reason. At the very least, cut it down to 900% mark-up.

See, bubble-gum dispensers.

The VaporTower-Review

I won't lie, I'm a bit disheartened by my lack of readership, I'm afraid however that at first I failed to realize that I didn't put my whole heart and sole into this blog. No more however, as I intend to bring new, quality content that is timeless and enjoyable. Well, maybe those are high aspirations, but then again, I am high. No, seriously, I'm blazed, I've been blazed all day. How are my lungs not dead do you ask? Well, I'll tell you, its because of my shiny new vaporizer, the VaporTower. Its simple in design, but sturdy in construction, unlike many of the low quality, cheap vapor box's that your local head shop doubtlessly carries.

The VaporTower is of durable construction, and is thoughtfully designed with the user in mind. The bowl has a glass on glass connection, and sits upright. It unscrews, and has two separate screens; one to place the herb on, and the other to prevent the bud from being inhaled. There are many pluses to this situation. For one, the two screens are fairly close together, which helps keep the weed in place. Also, the screens ensure that your smoking material (which is obviously pot) is spread evenly.

This vaporizer doesn't have a digital temperature display, which I do like, is hardly necessary. With the dial pointed somewhere between ten and twelve 'o clock, the VaporTower works beautifully. Seriously, vaporization is the superior method of inhalation. Furthermore, it is thirty percent more efficient. I can attest personally to this, with a vaporizer, both another person and myself can get completely stoned off of what would be one bowl out of a normal sized pipe or bong stem. The best part is, its easy on the lungs and far less harmful. I won't say its harmless because I don't know, but it is a hell of a lot better than smoking.

Look, I can't say it enough, the VaporTower is great. Its high quality, and its built to last. It even looks kind of cool and retro (if you're into that). Even better, they are made in the USA, and from what I can tell, they come with a lifetime warranty. They sell for about $200 plus shipping, but if you're lucky you might be able to find one at a head shop for less. Compared to the prices of other vaporizers, the VaporTower is a hell of a buy. On the flip side, vaporizer prices are a sin in general. Still, its worth it, take my word for it, go to if you want more info. Search for them at your local head shop or on eBay if you decide to get one.

P.S. I'm not earning anything for this. Hell I don't even have a readership, I'm just putting the word out there that this is a quality product.

Oh, and by the way, this is it:

I don't know who this person is, but apparently her name is Claudia.