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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well, I just broke my bong...

Dr. Mutabi
July 28, 2009-December 27, 2009 

I got this bong in July of this year after spending a couple of days examining the selections of all the local headshops.  I loved it, it was short, blue, glass on glass bong and it smoked excellently.  I named it Dr. Mutabi after a Kenyan history professor I once had and guarded him fiercely from anyone showing signs of clumsiness.

Today I felt like having a quick toke before lunch and so I decided to grab Dr. Mutabi, my faithful sidekick.  As I was handling him, he slipped out of my hands and fell onto my bed.  Everything would have been fine except that I had my jar of bud sitting on my bed, and Dr. Mutabi fell right on top of it, shattering into twenty or so pieces.  Now I am left with a broken bong and a set of sheets with a bong-water stain and I am sad.

Damn it all to hell.