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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hotties in Pot-Tees (You know, if you're into that)

Here is something you might like if you are both stoned and lonely, it's College Humor's Hotties in Pot-Tees.

Cleaver name, I know, but not as cleaver as Fatties With Caddies. Anywho, it's worth a look if you happen to be a single male (or gay female) and you'd like to have a boost. Me, I'm taken, so I'll probably get an ear-full for posting this, but hey, it's my responsibility, I'm The Ganja Guru!

Although I found a couple of peculiarities that I would like to point out:

The chick at the top of the page is making a really weird facial expression, and on top of that this one doesn't have anything to do with pot. That didn't stop College Humor from linking the pick though. Oh, and for some reason (and I'm sure you'll see for yourself) the only tag in that photo is the girl's right nipple. Well anyways, I hope you like it you dirty, lonely man.

How to Not Get Paranoid

Paranoid? I might have an answer for you. Try theanine, its a supplement that can be found in most grocery stores. Many use it to aide relaxation and improve their sleep, which it does work well for, however based on my own experience, it also tends to enhance my high from THC. On top of enhanced highs, I have also noticed that it helps to reduce anxiety and paranoia. So, if that has been a problem for you lately, consider picking up a bottle of theanine, or finding some tea that contains it, after all, it was originally extracted form tea.

Wikipedia (surprise) has a nice little write up on it that may be worth checking out here


P.S. If you decide to give this a go, give me some feedback.

Monday, February 9, 2009

How to Scrape a Pipe

We've all been there, out of bud and desperate for a hit. We've all stooped to the same lows; scouring the house for weed, smoking the stems, and scraping the pipe. None of these methods is very satisfying, and worse yet they are all a pain in the ass.

Scraping your pipe is the worst of the desperate options a stoner has. I have learned from personal experience that this can oftentimes end very poorly. Three of my pipes have been broken during resin collecting accidents, and considering how much a glass pipe can cost, this can be very disappointing.

Odds are, you're still planning to scrape your pipe, but before you do, let me say this; DON"T DO IT MAN! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?! No, seriously, don't do it, I have a much better alternative.

What You Need: -A glass jar large enough so that your pipe will fit inside
-Something to cover the jar
-A full supply for 99% isopropyl alcohol (Don't opt for the cheep/weak stuff, it will fail you)
-Another jar
-Some paper coffee filters
-A glass bowl (if it isn't glass or ceramic don't go there)

Ok, now if you have any inclination to use anything other than glass for your jar and bowl, don't. The process that you will be doing will not work well with plastics (and it could be harmful to your health).
What You Do
  1. Put your pipe in the jar
  2. Pour alcohol into the jar until your pipe is fully submerged
  3. Put a lid over the jar and let it sit for at least a day
At this point you are probably thinking that I'm just fucking with you, but fear not, for the Guru doesn't do that kind of shit. I'm your friend remember.

Now that you have given your pipe a day to soak, the alcohol should look and smell pretty gross. This is good. Go ahead and pull your pipe out of the alcohol and rinse it off. Now don't get rid of the alcohol because you aren't done with it yet. As you will see, when your rinse your pipe out, the end result will be a practically new looking pipe. This is because alcohol is a strong solvent and a damn good cleanser.

Here is the best part, getting back all of that THC that was stuck to the inside of your pipe. If you don't know it already, THC is absorbed by alcohol and other solvents, so the THC that was in your pipe, is now in the alcohol.

Now, do you remember the bowl, coffee filters, and the other jar I told you to get? Of course not, you're probably stoned, that's ok, I don't frown on that, but you should probably read go get those things if you haven't already.

Go ahead and secure a coffee filter in your empty jar with a rubber band or some tape. Now slowly pour the alcohol that you used to clean your pipe through the coffee filter and into the other jar. This will ensure that the bits of soot and what not will be filtered out of the alcohol. After that, pour the now filtered alcohol into your bowl. Have you done all that? Good.

Now just go ahead and leave your bowl of alcohol in your garage or outside (away from the weather) and let it sit. Check back on it now and then, but it should be evaporating. On a hot day in the sun, it should evaporate within a day or two, otherwise a week or so. DO NOT BE IMPATIENT! DO NOT, AND I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, DO NOT USE A HEAT SOURCE TO INDUCE EVAPORATION, YOU COULD BLOW YOURSELF UP. I said it, that's your one warning, if you burn your house down doing this, it won't be my fault because I told you not to do it.

Once all of the alcohol ( and I do mean all so don't be impatient) has evaporated you should be left with a black goo. It will be very sticky, and have the consistency of toffee. This is hash, use a razor blade and scrape up every last bit. Use it sparingly, it will get you plenty stoned with even the smallest quantity.


How to Make a Desk Lamp Vaporizer

If the light bulb vaporizer is cool, but doesn't quite do it for you, I might have something else you will like. Behold, the desk lamp vaporizer!

Now I know it doesn't look like much, but its beauty is in its simplicity. Wait, what's that? You want to know how to make one for your self? Well, I suppose...

What you need:

A desk lamp like this one.

Two jars like what the ones you see here. Notice that one jar is bigger than the other. You need your small jar to be able to fit over a 60w light bulb, and your big jar must fit over your small one.

Next you'll need the lid for your large jar. You'll notice that I have already done all of the work that needs to be done on this jar. To make this, simply bore a hole in the center that will fit snugly on the shaft of the lamp, where the shade used to fit. Drill two holes, one large enough to accommodate your hose, and another slightly larger hole for air supply. I wrapped everything up in foil and sealed it up with hot glue. This improved my seal in general and made it look less like a lid from a pickle jar. You won't want to use hot glue on any surface that will be inside your jar.

Step 1:

Remove the bulb and lamp shade from your desk lamp.

Step 2:

Install your base/jar lid/air hose/air supply.

Step 3:
Install the light bulb

The bulb I am using is for illustrative purposes. You'll want to use a 60w incandescent bulb, or better yet a 100w on a dimmer for maximum control.

Step 4:
Place the small jar upside down over the light bulb.

Step 5:
Place your big jar over the small jar and screw it into your base.

Ta da! You've just made yourself a desk lamp vapo!

To use it, place your weed on top of the small jar once it has been placed over the light bulb, seal everything up and flip the switch. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes and then you'll have sweet, delicious, and awesome THC! The best part is, it didn't cost a whole hell of a lot of money, sure your out a few bucks for a desk lamp and a light bulb, but that's still at least $50 less than you would be out if you forked over the cash for a real vaporizer.

This design has a lot of potential. I'd love to see any variations off of this. If anyone makes, or has made this, let me know.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

How to Make a Light Bulb Vaporizer

Avove: Whip and cap for light bulb vaporizer (aka Bright Idea II)

You've heard of them I'm sure, and no doubt you have lusted for one as well. Their vaporizers, the latest and greatest in pot smoking technology. The best part is, you don't actually "smoke" the green when you use one. Instead, they vaporize at low temperature, the active ingredient in weed, delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (you know, THC, the part that gets you high). This is a pretty sweet deal because vaporizing is 30% more efficient than smoking, and on top of that they are don't pollute your lungs with havoc reeking carbon chains. So not only do you use less bud, you use less of your lungs to get high!

That is pretty much all old news though. If you haven't heard of vaporizing yet, you have either just started smoking, or you're still living in the stone age (stoned age I suppose). If you have heard of vaporizers, than I'm sure you have also heard that they're fairly expensive, and you've heard right. They are, the ever popular Volcano costs in excess of $500. That's no small chunk of change if you're a typically broke stoner like myself. What do you do then to enjoy the benefits of vaporizers without all the cost?

What if I told you that there is probably a vaporizer sitting very near by, just waiting to be used. Yes, there is some assembly required, but odds are, all the parst and tools that you need are within arms reach. Thats pretty cool right? You might not even have to get out of your seat (although it might not hurt you hippy couch potatoe).

Here is what you need:
  1. A light bulb (just a regular old incadecent bulb, the higher wattage the better though)
  2. A cap from a 20 oz soda bottle
  3. A straw
  4. Salt
  5. A pair of scissors
  • A pair of needle nose pliers
Go ahead and take five minutes to gather these items. If you're having trouble finding everything, don't be afraid (or too lazy) to check under those stacks of High Times and 420 Magazines. Got everything? Good...

How to build a Lightbulb Vaporrizer

It may be helpful to refere to this diagram as you work:

1. Outline of Glass bulb
2. Low pressure inert gas (argon, neon, nitrogen)
3. Tungsten filament
4. Contact wire (goes out of stem)
5. Contact wire (goes into stem)
6. Support wires
7. Stem (glass mount)
8. Contact wire (goes out of stem)
9. Cap (sleeve)
10. Insulation (vitrite)
11. Electrical contact

Step 1:

Take your scissors in your lead hand, and the light bulb in the other. Use the scissors to peel up the electrical contact on the socket end of the light bulb. Once its free, pull it out along with any wires that come with it.

Step 2:
Removing the electrical contact should have revealed a small hole in the peice of dark glass at the socket end of the bulb. Use your scissors (or pliers) to carefully break and remove this piece of glass. Remove as much as you can, preferably so that non of if it pokes up past the metal socket.

Step 3:
Using your scissors, pliers, or a screwdriver, carefully (and I do mean carefully) push down on the stem (what the filament is mounted to) through the socket cap until it breaks out from the inside of the bulb. After that, you'll want to clean up the edges of the stem and break those out as well until only bulb remains. Once you've done all the breaking that needs to be done empty the broken glass and filament into a garbage can.

Step 4:
Now grab the salt and pour it through the cap into the bulb. Use say, 2 or 3 tablespoons of salt. Cover the hole in the socket cap and shake viggorously (but carefully so the bulb doesn't fly from your hand). The salt will strip away the white powder coat on the inside of the bulb. Repeat this process until all traces of the powder coat are gone. I couldn't tell you what that stuff is, but I can tell you that you do not want ot smoke it, it won't get you high. One its all gone, go ahead and rinse all of the salt out of the bulb. Rinse it well, otherwise the salt will etch into the glass when it dries.

Step 5:
Take the soda bottle cap that you were supposed to grab, if you already forgot about that, go get one. Useing your scissors poke a hole into the center of the cap and bore it out until the hole is large enough to insert your straw. Don't make your hole to big, you wan the straw to stay in place. Once you have your straw hole, poke another small hole off-center for airflow. Insert your straw into the cap. Gently screw the soda cap onto the socket cap of the light bulb and you're done!

Congrats! Now you too can enjoy the benefits of vaporizing for less than a trip to Taco Bell. To use it, just break up your weed like you would for rolling a joint or loading a bowl, and place about a small bowl's worth into the bulb. Replace the soda cap and get read to be very stoned. Now go ahead and light your lighter. Hold it about one to two centimeters below the bulb, directly underneath the weed. Wait until you see some white vapors start to pour out of the bud. Once this happens, let a decent amount of vapor build up, shake the bulb to release more. Now just take a hit through the straw and hold it in...

Aahhhh, thats the stuff ain't it?

Eventually you'll want to buy a real vapo, but this works in a pinch, especially when cash is tight and you need to conserve your precious, expensive, and difficult to acquire marijuana.

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