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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well, I just broke my bong...

Dr. Mutabi
July 28, 2009-December 27, 2009 

I got this bong in July of this year after spending a couple of days examining the selections of all the local headshops.  I loved it, it was short, blue, glass on glass bong and it smoked excellently.  I named it Dr. Mutabi after a Kenyan history professor I once had and guarded him fiercely from anyone showing signs of clumsiness.

Today I felt like having a quick toke before lunch and so I decided to grab Dr. Mutabi, my faithful sidekick.  As I was handling him, he slipped out of my hands and fell onto my bed.  Everything would have been fine except that I had my jar of bud sitting on my bed, and Dr. Mutabi fell right on top of it, shattering into twenty or so pieces.  Now I am left with a broken bong and a set of sheets with a bong-water stain and I am sad.

Damn it all to hell.


  1. At least you can still get High today! Thank God for the Weed!

  2. i know how you feel, my slide got bumped on the dvd shelf and it snapped just the slide thankfully not the bowl or the bong neck.

    sorry for your lose but cheers to the next round of bong shopping :)

  3. Ya, I for now I just bought myself a replacement stem for an old bong that is also broken, but only a little broken. Still rips like a champ though.


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