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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gallery of Glorious Ganja

Welcome to TheGanjaGuru's Gallery of Glorious Ganja!

The Mission:

The goal of this gallery is to photograph, catalog and display the many beautiful buds that the cannabis plant has to offer.

Submissions Welcome!

Submission Guidelines:

If you just picked up some bud that you think is worthy of display, take a photo of it and submit it by emailing a copy to my email address,

Please Include:
  1. Name of strain (if available).
  2. Description of scent, texture, and color.
  3. Description of the the smoking experience including the quality of the smoke as well as the high produced.
  4. A photo (duh) of the bud.  The photos should be macro photos, and of high photographic quality.  If you do not have a macro lens, search Google for information on making a macro lens for a cell phone camera using an old CD player.
The Gallery


Permafrost is very potent bud that smells of strong pine and lemon.  The bud is very sticky, and even in a grinder it is difficult to break apart, for this reason, it is best to smoke this bud out of a pipe, rather than a joint.  The smoke is smooth, yet strong and has the potential to induce a heavy cough in less experienced smokers.  This bud will smoke for a considerably long time, and has ample THC to go around.  The high is very heady and introspective, and it is both euphoric and relaxing. 

 Purple Kush

This bud is quite potent that has a strong "skunk" smell that is often associated with sativas.  This bud is a very mellow smoke, and is perfect in a well rolled joint.  The high is active and euphoric, and is best suited for a party or being out and about.

Thanks for having a look.  This gallery will be updated periodically, and it will be permalinked in the upper right hand corer.

Again, to submit, shoot me an email at


  1. Keep up the good work, hemp should be used!, we would def benefit from it. Oh and they still need to just go ahead and legalize ganja!...gosh enough already of the police brutality twards our dealers ya

  2. Legalize it. Keep up the good work. Marijauna has many uses.
    Lots of videos from people who love Marijuana on our site

    Bigup from Jamaica. :) ;)

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  4. Your post is really interesting, you have your own ideas, i love reading it. Thanks for such a cool blog.

  5. thank you very much for information boss..
    nice adn strady...


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