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Monday, February 9, 2009

How to Make a Desk Lamp Vaporizer

If the light bulb vaporizer is cool, but doesn't quite do it for you, I might have something else you will like. Behold, the desk lamp vaporizer!

Now I know it doesn't look like much, but its beauty is in its simplicity. Wait, what's that? You want to know how to make one for your self? Well, I suppose...

What you need:

A desk lamp like this one.

Two jars like what the ones you see here. Notice that one jar is bigger than the other. You need your small jar to be able to fit over a 60w light bulb, and your big jar must fit over your small one.

Next you'll need the lid for your large jar. You'll notice that I have already done all of the work that needs to be done on this jar. To make this, simply bore a hole in the center that will fit snugly on the shaft of the lamp, where the shade used to fit. Drill two holes, one large enough to accommodate your hose, and another slightly larger hole for air supply. I wrapped everything up in foil and sealed it up with hot glue. This improved my seal in general and made it look less like a lid from a pickle jar. You won't want to use hot glue on any surface that will be inside your jar.

Step 1:

Remove the bulb and lamp shade from your desk lamp.

Step 2:

Install your base/jar lid/air hose/air supply.

Step 3:
Install the light bulb

The bulb I am using is for illustrative purposes. You'll want to use a 60w incandescent bulb, or better yet a 100w on a dimmer for maximum control.

Step 4:
Place the small jar upside down over the light bulb.

Step 5:
Place your big jar over the small jar and screw it into your base.

Ta da! You've just made yourself a desk lamp vapo!

To use it, place your weed on top of the small jar once it has been placed over the light bulb, seal everything up and flip the switch. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes and then you'll have sweet, delicious, and awesome THC! The best part is, it didn't cost a whole hell of a lot of money, sure your out a few bucks for a desk lamp and a light bulb, but that's still at least $50 less than you would be out if you forked over the cash for a real vaporizer.

This design has a lot of potential. I'd love to see any variations off of this. If anyone makes, or has made this, let me know.


  1. It seems like this would be really hard to have a constant temperature with this set up. Does it ever heat the herb more than needed? Regardless this is a very creative design, I am impressed. I made my vaporizer with a glass and a heat gun that fills up a bag. The thing is amazing, gives the volcano a run for it's money.

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  3. Nothing about this seems safe, but it's still awesome :)

  4. I built one of these, it's pretty cool but it seems a good bit less efficient than a pipe, which means that I messed up. How can one measure temp of the weed?

  5. Thank you so much it is a fantastic help, now to make a desk lamp vaporizer is simple and easy by using your tips. Thank you

  6. This is really so nice of you to poat such a nice blog but I am not sure about the temperature control for this vaporizer. Can you please explain it to me?

  7. That is so awesome but can you please mention whether it is safer than the vaporizer device or not..

  8. Wow that is really nice to learn about this thing and I hope this will be helpful in great way.

  9. op said that you could use a dimmer switch for full control, if you wanted to figure out the temp settings use a thermometer to find the temp for each setting and then mark it down on the switch.

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