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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hotties in Pot-Tees (You know, if you're into that)

Here is something you might like if you are both stoned and lonely, it's College Humor's Hotties in Pot-Tees.

Cleaver name, I know, but not as cleaver as Fatties With Caddies. Anywho, it's worth a look if you happen to be a single male (or gay female) and you'd like to have a boost. Me, I'm taken, so I'll probably get an ear-full for posting this, but hey, it's my responsibility, I'm The Ganja Guru!

Although I found a couple of peculiarities that I would like to point out:

The chick at the top of the page is making a really weird facial expression, and on top of that this one doesn't have anything to do with pot. That didn't stop College Humor from linking the pick though. Oh, and for some reason (and I'm sure you'll see for yourself) the only tag in that photo is the girl's right nipple. Well anyways, I hope you like it you dirty, lonely man.


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